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1.2     ! wiki        1: Having [[implemented CVS support|wiki/todo/Implement_CVS_backend]], we need a test wiki instance in order to evaluate its merits.
1.1       wiki        2: 
                      3: [[spz]] provided a running system suitable for testing, on which the following was done:
                      5: * installed the necessary pkgsrc bits:
                      6:  * `www/apache22`
                      7:  * `www/ikiwiki` (with the `ikiwiki-search` option and CVS-related `LOCALPATCHES`)
                      8:  * `www/cvsweb`
                      9:  * `devel/cvsps`
                     10: * created a `wiki` user
                     11: * created `~/etc/htpasswd`
                     12: * created `~/etc/apache.conf` (restricting web editing to valid users in `~/etc/htpasswd`) and included it from the system's `httpd.conf`
                     13: * made a copy of `cvsweb` into `~/cgi/cvsweb` and pointed it at `~/etc/cvsweb.conf`
                     14: * placed the CVS plugin (not yet included in ikiwiki) in `~/perl/IkiWiki/Plugin/`
                     15: * created `~/src and ~/html` directories
                     16: * ran `ikiwiki-makerepo cvs ~/src ~/cvsroot` to import `~/src` into a new repository and configure the ikiwiki post-commit hook
                     17: * ran `ikiwiki ~/src ~/html --libdir ~/perl --url= --dumpsetup ~/etc/ikiwiki.conf` to create a config file
                     18: * tweaked `~/wiki/etc/ikiwiki.conf` considerably (for exact changes, `diff -u ~/etc/ikiwiki.conf{.default,}`):
                     19:  * added useful plugins, including the CVS plugin
                     20:  * disabled Discussion subpages
                     21:  * enabled userdir
                     22:  * enabled RSS/Atom feed generation
                     23:  * locked the included ikiwiki documentation against web editing
                     24: * ran `ikiwiki --setup ~/etc/ikiwiki.conf` to generate pages and the CGI and post-commit wrappers
                     25: * copied `cvsweb.css`, the `favicon.ico`, and a downloaded stylesheet into `~/src`, `cvs add`ed them (with `-kb` for the icon) and `cvs commit`ed to test that the post-commit hook regenerates the site 
                     26: * started Apache
                     27: * added a cron job for ikiwiki's feed aggregator
                     29: [[todo/done]] --[[schmonz]]

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