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7. `cvs checkout`
7. `cvs checkout`
7. (./) Enable ikiwiki's localstyle plugin
7. (./) Copy pkgsrc-wiki's `local.css` into `wikisrc/pkgsrc`
7. (./) Catch up our custom `page.tmpl` to the basewiki's so localstyle works
    * XXX more divergence than that; catch up and try to minimize
7. Figure out how to apply the `` logo and header-links
   template to everything under `wikisrc/pkgsrc/`
    * We can wrap a _single_ page in a custom template [like
    * We can modify templates for entire subtrees, but only [outside
    * Can we do it with CSS?
7. Where do we put the pages that are currently under `pkgsrc/`?
7. Repo-copy content from pkgsrc-wiki to `wikisrc/pkgsrc/`)
7. Preview at <>
7. Add links to the pages that had already been under `pkgsrc/`
7. Move `pkgwiki`'s `cron` jobs to `wiki`'s
7. Point `{www.,}` at that HTML directory
7. Figure out how to leave the "Edit" links off the top-level
   `wikisrc/pkgsrc/` page and maybe some others, so that non-developers
   won't be able to edit them

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