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1.3     ! wiki        1: [[tron]] suggests that non-developers should be able to post content to a staging area, to be approved (possibly after editing) by developers. [[schmonz]] likes this idea a lot.
1.1       wiki        2: 
1.3     ! wiki        3: _For non-developers using [[anonymous CVS|wiki/todo/push_wikisrc_to_anoncvs]]_: submit a diff to `netbsd-docs@`.
1.1       wiki        4: 
1.3     ! wiki        5: _For non-developers using a web browser_: the ikiwiki discussion subpage and/or [[!iki plugins/comments desc="comments plugin"]] may point toward the solution.
        !             6: 
        !             7: One of the reasons we [[chose ikiwiki|wiki/todo/choose_wiki_software]]
        !             8: is the ability to edit via CVS
        !             9: directly, as well as via the web. As long as every wiki editor is a
        !            10: developer, controlling access consistently is simple. In order to open
        !            11: up wiki editing to non-developers, we have to think carefully about
        !            12: both the CVS case and the web case.
        !            13: 
        !            14: In the short term, to start getting non-developers involved, I intend
        !            15: to [[push wikisrc to anoncvs]] and
        !            16: [[hook up wiki commits to www-changes@]].
        !            17: 
        !            18: In the long term, ikiwiki has a few ready-made web authentication
        !            19: options (a locally managed user database, OpenID, and HTTP auth), and
        !            20: if they don't suffice for some reason, it's easy enough to write an
        !            21: auth plugin. The hard part is deciding the workflow: where is a
        !            22: sensible place for non-developers to make their edits, and what is a
        !            23: sensible way for developers to review and "bless" the changes? Two
        !            24: ikiwiki-native possibilities are listed above.
        !            25: 
        !            26: Ideas welcome! Edit this page and add your comments. --[[schmonz]]

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