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 ikiwiki-native possibilities are listed above.  ikiwiki-native possibilities are listed above.
 Ideas welcome! Edit this page and add your comments. --[[schmonz]]  Ideas welcome! Edit this page and add your comments. --[[schmonz]]
   One idea:
   7. Enable Discussion subpages.
   7. Mark very clearly on the Discussion page template that content may
   have been written by anyone at all and has not been vetted by any
   member of TNF.
   7. Update the `locked_pages` PageSpec to allow anonymous editing of
   Discussion subpages (and of no other pages).
   The resulting workflow:
   7. Non-developer finds a page to which to suggest changes.
   7. Non-developer edits its Discussion subpage and writes the suggested changes.
   7. Developer who follows [[RecentChanges]] (or the commit mails) notices the changes.
   7. If the changes aren't acceptable, developer edits the Discussion subpage and explains why not.
   7. If the changes are acceptable, developer applies them to the page and removes them from the Discussion subpage.

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