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 * In `page.tmpl`, inline discussion (if it exists) into its parent page.  * In `page.tmpl`, inline discussion (if it exists) into its parent page.
 --[[schmonz]]  --[[schmonz]]
   Whew, this is a long discussion. To recap: every page "foo" will
   have two sections:
   7. Content editable by developers only, followed by
   7. Content editable by anyone who has told us their OpenID.
   7. It will be clear to the reader which section is which.
   7. It will be clear to the writer which "Edit" link to click.
   I will implement this by abusing any and all of `inline`, templates,
   and/or Discussion subpages.
   There were problems combining `httpauth` (how developers log in)
   and other authentication methods. The ikiwiki author has fixed these
   I have working code to check OpenIDs against a whitelist. We need
   to streamline the task of "registering" an OpenID as much as possible,
   so non-developers can get involved with the wiki quickly and easily.
   We will also want to delegate whitelist management to `www@`.
   The wiki copy of `log_accum` needs to be taught to parse OpenID
   edits. To avoid skew, we should then carefully merge it back to the
   main `log_accum`.
   Non-developers will want [[wikisrc in anoncvs|push_wikisrc_to_anoncvs]].
   In the future, if and when ikiwiki has more fully baked anti-spam
   measures, it would be nice to be able to allow anonymous editing.

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