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Line 38  developers. [[schmonz]] likes this idea  Line 38  developers. [[schmonz]] likes this idea 
 >>> only wiki which can be edited by developers and some small number  >>> only wiki which can be edited by developers and some small number
 >>> of non developers. --[[haad]]  >>> of non developers. --[[haad]]
   >>>> Sorry, I wasn't clear enough. Each page "Foo" will call `inline` to
   >>>> insert its Discussion subpage into itself. The Discussion subpage will
   >>>> continue to exist separately, but its contents will also be included
   >>>> in the Foo page. The Foo page will then have two sections: one
   >>>> that's only editable by developers, and another that's editable by
   >>>> anyone. Developers will use the "Edit" link as normal. For ease of
   >>>> user editing, we'll want to provide an "Edit" link within the
   >>>> user-editable section of the page which leads directly to editing
   >>>> the corresponding Discussion subpage where that content is stored.
   >>>> Either kind of edit will result in an immediate update of the Foo
   >>>> page.
   >>>> With this approach, once the relevant ikiwiki bug has been fixed,
   >>>> the `opendiscussion` plugin should suffice to enable users to edit
   >>>> content in a direct way, while also making clear to readers which
   >>>> content comes from developers and which does not.
   >>>> Things to think about when the time comes:
   >>>> * automating the `inline`, disclaimer, and user-edit link (in
   >>>> [[!iki wikitemplates]]?)
   >>>> * whether `anonok` is okay or we should require e.g. an OpenID
   >>>> * treating non-developer edits properly in `log_accum` messages
   >>>> --[[schmonz]]
 _For non-developers using [[anonymous CVS|wiki/todo/push_wikisrc_to_anoncvs]]_:  _For non-developers using [[anonymous CVS|wiki/todo/push_wikisrc_to_anoncvs]]_:
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