Annotation of wikisrc/wiki/todo/ikiwiki_as_man.mdwn, revision 1.2

1.1       schmonz     1: If we like ikiwiki-as-wiki, we might [[eventually|wiki/todo/later]]
1.2     ! kim         2: want to use it for browsing [NetBSD manual pages](//
1.1       schmonz     3: as well.
                      5: [[schmonz]] wrote [[!iki plugins/contrib/mandoc]].
                      7: [[martin]] suggests that an ikiwiki CGI instance with the `mandoc`
                      8: plugin could provide a pleasant environment for writing new manpages
                      9: (especially given a template and the ability to preview results).
                     10: On completion, the writer wouldn't save the new page in ikiwiki,
                     11: but rather copy the finished source to `src` and commit there.

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