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for spaces use underscores, not dashes

If we like ikiwiki-as-wiki, we might [[eventually|wiki/todo/later]]
want to use it for [the NetBSD blog]( as

What's needed:

7. [[!iki desc="Comments" plugins/comments]]
7. Facility for authors to write a [[!iki desc="summary"
ikiwiki/directive/more]] of [[!iki desc="their post"
ikiwiki/directive/cutpaste]] so that the full post does not appear
on the page.
7. list the date as opposed to how many days ago it was posted (this
is because we've enabled [[!iki plugins/relativedate]] and [[!iki
7. ability to [[!iki desc="categorise posts" ikiwiki/subpage]].
7. [[!iki desc="tags" tags]]. 

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