Annotation of wikisrc/wiki/todo/hook_up_wiki_commits_to_www-changes__64__.mdwn, revision 1.2

1.1       wiki        1: Wiki commits should be sent to `www-changes@` like any other web commits. This will necessitate copying `commit_prep`, `log_accum`, and perhaps other bits from nbcvs. --[[schmonz]]
                      3: > [[spz]] has copied those bits over. I'll try to look at this soon.
1.2     ! wiki        4: 
        !             5: >> Works as expected for [[/wiki/cvs]] commits. For [[/wiki/web]] commits, `From:`, `Committed by:`, and the commit message need to be massaged (as seen in this commit message). The code for this can be stolen from ikiwiki's. --[[schmonz]]

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