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Mon Oct 20 14:12:14 2014 UTC (9 years, 1 month ago) by schmonz
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tried, needs more investigatings

    1: It would be nice if I could use the web editor to attach images to
    2: pages. --[[jmcneill]]
    4: > Indeed. The [[!iki plugins/attachment]] plugin, once enabled,
    5: > will let you attach images and help you (not that it's hard)
    6: > insert wikilinks to them. I tried enabling it just now, and it
    7: > prevented attaching files of wrong MIME types and large sizes,
    8: > but only because it prevented attaching any files at all. Nothing
    9: > in the web server log. I'll have to debug this harder later.
   10: >
   11: > In the meantime, if it helps, you can `cvs add -kb your_image.png` and
   12: > [[commit it directly to wikisrc|wiki/cvs]]. (Once attachments
   13: > work, the very fancy ikiwiki cvs plugin will automatically do
   14: > `-kb` for images and such.) --[[schmonz]]

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