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 ikiwiki is translatable with [[!iki plugins/po]]. `pkgsrc/textproc/po4a` needs to be updated for this feature to work.  ikiwiki is translatable with [[!iki plugins/po]] (see it in action
   at [l10n.ikiwiki.info](http://l10n.ikiwiki.info/)).
   `textproc/po4a` needs to be updated for this feature to work, which
   in turn needs an updated `devel/gettext` (for a particular `msgmerge`
   parameter). Updating `gettext` has the following fallout for netbsd-4,
   as explained by [[joerg]]:
   7. netbsd-4 doesn't support positional arguments for `printf`
   7. gettext will force macros for `*printf` and all programs including
   `libintl.h` also have to link against `-lintl` if they use `printf`
   7. forcefully adding libintl is not exactly my idea of a correct
   7. and the problem of `/usr/lib/libintl.so` vs
   `/usr/pkg/lib/libintl.so` still remains
   We can update `devel/gettext` if we fix the netbsd-4 fallout. Then
   updating `textproc/po4a` should be easy. Then we can experiment
   with translating this wiki.

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