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    1: ### Setup
    3: If you're a NetBSD developer, you can:
    5: * [[commit to `wikisrc`|cvs]] (no web browser needed!)
    6: * [[edit in your browser|web]] (with easy previewing! just set a [[kerberos/password]] first)
    8: Either or both. Whichever's more convenient when the urge strikes you.
   10: If you're not a NetBSD developer, you can add a comment to any page.
   11: We intend to develop some custom features for ikiwiki that'll provide
   12: more meaningful ways for you to participate. Until then, please
   13: bear with us and comment freely.
   15: ### Wikitext
   17: Text is [[formatted|ikiwiki/formatting]] in [[ikiwiki/Markdown]],
   18: with [[ikiwiki/WikiLink]] and [[ikiwiki/directive]] extensions.
   19: When editing in a browser, help is always available via a link below
   20: the textarea. Various [[templates]] are available as well.
   22: To see what Markdown does with your input, there is
   23: [Dingus]( (it's an external
   24: site) which
   25: also has a nice cheat-sheet for the Markdown-syntax.
   27: Feel free to use the [[wiki/graphic_chart]] as an example
   28: for your page. You are not forced to follow its layout, but
   29: it can help you to quickly design pages so that they look better integrated
   30: with the rest of the wiki.
   32: To practice, you can play in the [[SandBox]].
   34: ### Locally previewing NetBSD wiki with template
   36: To set up ikiwiki locally to preview changes without committing or
   37: logging in via a browser please see the
   38: [[Previewing NetBSD Wiki with template|wiki/previewing_with_template]]
   39: page.
   41: ### Your first page
   43: If you're a developer, create a [[users]] page for yourself. It's
   44: your personal wiki space, and also lets you sign your discussion
   45: posts like so. --[[schmonz]]
   47: ### What next
   49: Write whatever you like, wherever you like. It's a wiki! Have fun. :-)

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