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Wrap lines. Demonstrate a page title containing spaces and capital
letters.  Provide instructions for non-developers. Note that saving
a web edit results in a commit.

    1: ### Setup
    3: If you're a NetBSD developer, you can [[commit to `wikisrc`|cvs]].
    4: No setup. No web browser needed. For [[in-browser editing|web]],
    5: just set a [[kerberos/password]] first.
    7: If you're not a NetBSD developer, [[tell us your OpenID|register]].
    9: ### Wikitext
   11: Text is [[formatted|ikiwiki/formatting]] in [[ikiwiki/Markdown]],
   12: with [[ikiwiki/WikiLink]] and [[ikiwiki/directive]] extensions.
   13: When editing in a browser, help is always available via a link below
   14: the textarea. To practice, play in the [[SandBox]].
   16: ### Your first page
   18: Create a [[users]] page for yourself. It's your personal wiki space,
   19: and also lets you sign your discussion posts like so. --[[schmonz]]
   21: ### What next
   23: Write whatever you like, wherever you like. It's a wiki! Have fun. :-)

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