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1.1       wiki        1: ### Getting access
                      3: We want your help! Send your [[ikiwiki/OpenID]] of choice to
                      4: <> (and Cc: `schmonz@`). We'll get you set up with
                      5: basic write privileges.
                      7: ### What am I allowed to do?
                      9: Every page on this wiki consists of two sections. The latter (called
                     10: "Discussion") is entirely at your disposal. Write an entire howto,
                     11: critique or tweak someone else's, or provide corrections or suggestions
                     12: about the page. NetBSD developers can edit both sections. If your
                     13: changes are good, they'll be incorporated into the main body of the
                     14: page -- or, if you wrote a document from scratch, into a page of
                     15: its own.
                     17: ### Why not full write privileges?
1.2     ! wiki       19: Until now, NetBSD project resources have been writable exclusively
        !            20: by developers. In a way, that's exactly what being a developer
        !            21: means.  It's fundamental to our project infrastructure, and it's
        !            22: fundamental to why you're able to trust the software we publish.
        !            23: This wiki is the first exception to the rule. No way around it, we
        !            24: have to be careful.
1.1       wiki       25: 
                     26: At the same time, it's a wiki, and this is NetBSD -- we want to be
                     27: as inclusive as we responsibly can. Anyone with an OpenID can play.
                     28: Instead of a simplistic comment system, you get full control over
                     29: Discussions, each of which _is_ a wiki page. When you make an edit,
                     30: your change is committed to `wikisrc`. A commit message goes out
                     31: to `www-changes@`, attributed to you, the same as it would for a
1.2     ! wiki       32: developer.
1.1       wiki       33: 
                     34: As a starting point, we feel pretty good about this. We hope you
                     35: do too, and we hope you feel welcome to contribute. Because you
1.2     ! wiki       36: are.

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