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 /!\ If you care where your page winds up -- and you should! -- __don't__ use this form to create it. There's little context from which to provide meaningful choices. [[Try the WikiWay|web]] instead.  7. Edit any page.
   7. Make a [[ikiwiki/WikiLink]] to the page you want to create.
   7. Follow the link.
 /!\ Stick to __lowercase__ in this form. (To avoid mixed-case URLs, we  /!\ The following form sucks. Don't use it. You can't decide where
 reject mixed-case filenames at commit time. You won't be able to  your page should go. It doesn't prevent you from trying (and failing)
 save. Admins will have to clean up after you. Shame!)  to create a mixed-case filename. If you try, you won't be able to
   save. Admins will have to clean up after you. __Don't use this
 [[!inline  [[!inline
 pages="empty and pagespec"  pages="empty and pagespec"
 feeds=no  feeds=no
 postform=yes  postform=yes
 postformtext="Add a new page entitled:"  postformtext="Add a new page entitled:"
 rootpage="/"  rootpage="/wiki/new_page/"
 ]]  ]]
 [[!edittemplate  [[!edittemplate

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