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 /!\ Stick to __lowercase__ in this form. (To avoid mixed-case URLs, we  7. Edit any page.
 reject mixed-case filenames at commit time. You won't be able to  7. Make a [[ikiwiki/WikiLink]] to <code>\[[Foo Bar]]</code>.
 save. Admins will have to clean up after you. Shame!)  7. Follow the link.
   /!\ The following form sucks. Don't use it. You can't decide where
   your page should go. It doesn't prevent you from trying (and failing)
   to create a mixed-case filename. If you try, you won't be able to
   save. Admins will have to clean up after you. __Don't use this
 [[!inline  [[!inline
 pages="empty and pagespec"  pages="empty and pagespec"
 feeds=no  feeds=no
 postform=yes  postform=yes
 postformtext="Add a new page entitled:"  postformtext="Add a new page entitled:"
 ]]  ]]
 [[!edittemplate  [[!edittemplate
Line 15  template="templates/new_page" Line 23  template="templates/new_page"
 match="wiki/new_page/*"  match="wiki/new_page/*"
 silent=yes  silent=yes
 ]]  ]]

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