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#### Getting `wikisrc`

    $ cvs -d <username> get wikisrc

/!\ `` != ``, so your SSH public keys
can drift out of sync; if they've drifted so far that you can't fix
it yourself, file a ticket to `admins@` requesting that they copy
your keys over from `nbcvs`.

#### Creating page "Foo Bar"

    $ cd .../wikisrc
    $ echo '\[[!meta title="Foo Bar, or, A Nice-Looking Title"]]' > foo_bar.mdwn
    $ $EDITOR foo_bar.mdwn
    $ cvs add foo_bar.mdwn
    $ cvs commit -m "all about Foo Bar" foo_bar.mdwn

#### Editing page "Foo Bar"

    $ cd .../wikisrc
    $ $EDITOR foo_bar.mdwn
    $ cvs commit -m "more about Foo Bar" foo_bar.mdwn

When you commit to `wikisrc`, the pages affected by your edit are
automatically regenerated. Your change will be displayed in
[[RecentChanges]] as type _cvs_.

#### Previewing your changes

See [[Preview setup page|previewing_with_template]].

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