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add task list for pkgsrc-wip migration

# pkgsrc-wip migration to git TODO

## convert repository

- get list of committers

	sourceforge user name => Full Name (possible mostly from commit emails)
	and email address (ask on pkgsrc-users).

- convert

- close down CVS

	add a new script with an error message (indicating the new repository
	location) and exit 1, and use it as verifymsg script for the wip

## git setup

- set up git server (SSH)

- set up HTTP server for repository

	but which?
	- git serve(r)
	- cgit
	- gitolite

- add user accounts

	ask for SSH keys on pkgsrc-users, and update htdocs-wip 

- add script that generates commit emails

- add script that checks no new branches are created

- add script that complains about pulling without -r?

	like libreoffice does if you have local commits

## sourceforge shutdown

- shut down remaining mailing lists

- clean up htdocs-wip

	make htdocs-wip a redirect to a wip page in the wiki
	and link the new location

## various

- snapshots

	are they still necessary or is the 'download tar.gz' button enough
	(does it even exist in plain git?)

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