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    1: [[!meta title="Security Vulnerability Reference List"]]
    2: # Security Vulnerability Reference List
    4: [[!table data="""
    5: Identifier|Topic|Fixed in HEAD|Fixed in netbsd-5|Fixed in netbsd-4|Advisory
    6: [[CVE-2010-3613|]]|BIND DoS due to improper handling of RRSIG records|20101202|20110110|20110123|[[2011-001|]]
    7: [[CVE-2011-0014|]]|OpenSSL TLS extension parsing race condition|20110211|20110217|not affected|[[2011-002|]]
    8: -|Exhausting kernel memory from user controlled value|20110304|20110307|20110307|[[2011-003|]]
    9: [[CVE-2011-1547|]]|Kernel stack overflow via nested IPCOMP packet|20110401|20110403|20110403|[[2011-004|]]
   10: [[CVE-2011-0997|]]|ISC dhclient environment sanitizing|20110406|20110407|20110407|[[2011-005|]]
   11: [[CVE-2011-2464|]]|BIND DoS via packet with rrtype zero|20110706|20110708|20110716|[[2011-006|]]
   12: [[CVE-2011-2895|]]|LZW decoding loop on manipulated compressed files|20110816|20110819|20110819|[[2011-007|]]
   13: [[CVE-2011-4122|]]|OpenPAM privilege escalation|20111109|20111119|20111119|[[2011-008|]]
   14: [[CVE-2011-4313|]]|BIND resolver DoS|20111116|20111118|20111120|[[2011-009|]]
   15: [[CVE-2011-4862|]]|telnetd unchecked encryption key length|20111223|20111231|20111231|
   16: [[CVE-2010-1166|]]|incorrect macro definition in Xrender|20111230|20120101|not affected|
   17: """]]

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