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## spz's Tax Evasion page

This is not about the tax evasion where you avoid paying taxes, but about the NetBSDish things I do instead of doing my tax returns (ick! ick! ick!) in order to get the refund I am due. 2017 is done, 2018 can be done from about March onwards.

- general maintenance on TNF servers

- general maintenance on my own servers

- byron: get amd64+i386 netbsd-8 packages going

- get refa and virini set up on shadow

- disapprove script (take spam in my mailing list owner inbox, feed it to spamassassin)

- [[releng-pkgsrc pullups|]]

- revisit [[signing TNF generated packages|pkgsig]]

- update the security issues page, move it somewhere useful

- getting as-safe-as-possible packages on TNF servers. This includes making the odd package eat PIE or to RELRO them.
  currently known issues:  
  RELRO: textproc/p5-highlight editors/pico 

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