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web commit by spz

this is supposed to eventually contain a collection of info about the servers

we currently have:

- homeworld (,<br>
  That's a standard postfix with gld for mail, a majordomo with a few local patches (and the despamming patterns from hell), plus bind for the nameservice.

- narn (,,,<br>
  Apache, gnats, a slightly modified req, and a very much hacked upon mhonarc

- mollari (,<br>
  Apache, with Apache Roller on tomcat on native openjdk7 for blog, and ikiwiki for this wiki

- morden (,,<br>
  the ftp, sup, http and rsync function themselves are fairly straightforward. It runs a few automatic updates for the src and pkgsrc regions that generate the daily CVS update mails and do a bunch of checks on pkgsrc, too.
  ftp, http and rsync, fairly dumb
  offers anoncvs via ssh and pserver, plus rsync of the cvs repository, using port redirects

  only developers with valid account auth can connect here

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