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web commit by spz: fix date

    1: this contains a random collection of info about the servers. Unless specified they are at TastyLime and owned by TNF.
    2: Note the time of last commit, the info may be seriously out of date.
    4: we currently (2018-12-23) have:
    6: public services:
    8: - homeworld (,<br>
    9:   That's a standard postfix with gld, amavisd, spamassassin for mail, a majordomo with a few local patches (and the despamming patterns from hell), plus bind for the nameservice.
   11: - mollari (,,,,<br>
   12:   Apache, with ikiwiki for this wiki, plus req for the releng site, gnats, and a very much hacked upon mhonarc
   14: - vir (,,<br>
   15:   Apache, with Apache Roller on tomcat on native openjdk8 for blog, Xymon for monitor and rt (what a surprise :) ) for rt. rt is used as coordination tool of a few teams and restricted to members of those teams.
   17: - morden (,<br>
   18:   the ftp, http and rsync function themselves are fairly straightforward. It runs a few automatic updates for the src and pkgsrc regions that generate the daily CVS update mails and do a bunch of checks on pkgsrc, too.
   20: -<br>
   21:   ftp, http and rsync, fairly dumb. It's situated at Columbia University, hence the 'ny' in the name
   23: -<br>
   24:   offers anoncvs via ssh and pserver, plus rsync of the cvs repository, using port redirects
   26: -<br>
   27:   anonymous Mercurial service, experimental
   29: non-public services:
   31: -<br>
   32:   the master CVS repository; only developers (TNF members) with valid account auth can connect here.
   34: -<br>
   35:   the master Mercurial repository, experimental; only developers (TNF members) with valid account auth can connect here.
   37: - (aka b45) + b41-b48<br>
   38:   build is the master/coordinator of the build slaves, and they produce the NetBSD-daily contents (situated at Columbia University)
   40: -<br>
   41:   that's a Xen dom0 running domUs which pbulk-build pkgsrc-stable packages for supported NetBSD releases for amd64 and i386 (also at Columbia University)
   43: - and<br>
   44:   two Jetson TK1 running NetBSD-8/evbarm-earmv7hf building earmv6hf and earmv7hf packages.
   46: -<br>
   47:   the backup server, basically lots'o disk storing encrypted dumps
   49: -<br>
   50:   most of the TNF-run anita checks run here
   52: -<br>
   53:   situated at WWU, runs even more anita checks
   55: -<br>
   56:   Xen server running mollari, vir, and a few smaller administrative functions
   58: -<br>
   59:   Xen server running hgmaster and anonhg, the experiment-with-Mercurial systems
   61: -<br>
   62:   situated at WWU, kamil@ uses it for lldb buildbot et al
   64: -<br>
   65:   situated at WWU, runs the repo conversions under joerg@'s direction
   67: -<br>
   68:   Xen server situated at WWU, just has a dom0 right now
   70: -<br>
   71:   Xen server situated at WWU, runs the "scanner" VM
   73: -<br>
   74:   situated at WWU, currently off because it beeps and annoys people working in the server room it's housed in. May have a failed fan.
   76: - console servers at TastyLime, Columbia University and WWU<br>
   77:   these are small devices (two of them evbarm-based) with USB2Serials and conserver8. conserver is most approved :)
   79: -<br>
   80:   off-site, off-continent backup for the most precious data in case gets the big one. Racked at Regensburg, Germany, owned by spz@

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