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1.4       wiki        1: this contains a random collection of info about the servers
1.2       wiki        2: 
                      3: we currently have:
1.3       wiki        5: public services:
1.2       wiki        7: - homeworld (,<br>
1.6       wiki        8:   That's a standard postfix with gld, amavisd, spamassassin for mail, a majordomo with a few local patches (and the despamming patterns from hell), plus bind for the nameservice.
1.2       wiki        9: 
1.7       spz        10: - mollari (,,,,,<br>
                     11:   Apache, with Apache Roller on tomcat on native openjdk7 for blog, and ikiwiki for this wiki, plus req for the releng site, gnats, and a very much hacked upon mhonarc
1.2       wiki       12: 
                     13: - morden (,,<br>
                     14:   the ftp, sup, http and rsync function themselves are fairly straightforward. It runs a few automatic updates for the src and pkgsrc regions that generate the daily CVS update mails and do a bunch of checks on pkgsrc, too.
                     16: -<br>
1.5       wiki       17:   ftp, http and rsync, fairly dumb. It's situated at Columbia University, hence the 'ny' in the name
1.2       wiki       18:   
                     19: -<br>
                     20:   offers anoncvs via ssh and pserver, plus rsync of the cvs repository, using port redirects
1.3       wiki       22: non-public services:
1.2       wiki       24: -<br>
1.3       wiki       25:   the master CVS repository; only developers (TNF members) with valid account auth can connect here.
                     27: - + b6, b7, b8<br>
                     28:   build is the master/coordinator of the build slaves, and they produce the NetBSD-daily contents (situated at Columbia University)
                     30: -<br>
1.8     ! wiki       31:   that's a Xen dom0 running netbsd5-amd64, netbsd5-i386, netbsd6-amd64 and netbsd6-i386 domUs, which roll packages (also at Columbia University)
1.3       wiki       32: 
                     33: -<br>
                     34:   the backup server at ISC
                     36: -<br>
                     37:   another Xen server running a few smaller administrative functions
                     39: - console servers at ISC and Columbia University<br>
                     40:   these are little no-moving-parts PCs with USB2Serials and conserver8. conserver is most approved :)

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