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    1: Requirements for an official NetBSD wiki:
    3: * **UI:** pleasant web editing with preview and diff
    4: * **appearance:** customizable with CSS and templates
    5: * **access control:** publicly readable, editable by developers only, an area readable by developers only
    6: * **web authentication:** Kerberos
    7: * **implementation language:** not PHP
    8: * **revision control:** yes, preferably not something homegrown, even more preferably CVS
    9: * **page rendering strategy:** compiles static pages that can be mirrored
   11: Before selecting [ikiwiki](, I evaluated the following:
   13: [[!table data="""
   14: Software|Language|Versioning|Comments
   15: [Sputnik](|Lua|git or filesystem|looks cool
   16: [Foswiki](|Perl|RCS|fork of TWiki, complex install docs, complex software, checkered security history
   17: [Kwiki](|Perl|don't remember|old version was so-so, the ambitious rewrite never happened
   18: [MojoMojo](|Perl|SQL|featureful
   19: [MoinMoin](|Python|filesystem| 
   20: """]]
   22: In my opinion, ikiwiki is the best fit: written in Perl, with a simple web UI and several ways of restricting access, it not only renders arbitrary hierarchies of static pages, but also is designed to be used in concert with a variety of external revision control systems.
   24: This one's [[done]]. --[[schmonz]]

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