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 7. Preview at <http://wiki.netbsd.org/pkgsrc/>  7. Preview at <http://wiki.netbsd.org/pkgsrc/>
 7. Point `{www.,}pkgsrc.org` at that HTML directory  7. Point `{www.,}pkgsrc.org` at that HTML directory
   #### Merge `blog.netbsd.org` into `wiki.netbsd.org/blog/` (or so)
   7. What was the original goal of powering the blog with Roller?
       * To have a blog, and
       * To counter the misconception that NetBSD doesn't run Java
         well (or at all)...
       * By demonstrating that NetBSD runs Java (and well)
   7. How well have we met that goal?
       * It's hardly obvious to passersby that the blog is Java-powered
       * It's somewhat annoying to admin (and few of us know how)
   7. Could we get more of the intended marketing benefit for less admin cost?
       * Document loudly (e.g., on the wiki) how NetBSD supports Java
       * Publish the blog with a CMS we already happily admin and use (ikiwiki)
   7. Would anyone feel strongly opposed to the change?
       * Not that we can think of (but we'll find out)
   7. Would anyone be particularly happy about the change?
       * Yes, some members of `admins` and `www`
   7. What functionality is important to preserve when migrating?
       * Data: articles and comments (stored as HTML in database)
       * Metadata: dates, ordering, relation of comments to posts
       * Feeds: feed URLs, UUIDs
       * Media: include images in posts
       * Commentspam: lock post after N months, no URLs, easy manual delete
   7. What admin-facing functionality would change?
       * Accounts: Kerberos suffices, no more blog-specific accounts
   7. What do admins need to feel more comfortable with more ikiwiki?
       * More documentation and training
 #### Integrate `joerg`'s C wrappers  #### Integrate `joerg`'s C wrappers
 7. `hg clone ssh://ftp.netbsd.org/~joerg/cwrapper`  7. `hg clone ssh://ftp.netbsd.org/~joerg/cwrapper`

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