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 * how are people finding their OS X binary packages?  * how are people finding their OS X binary packages?
     * screenshots they post on [/r/unixporn](http://www.reddit.com/r/unixporn)      * screenshots they post on [/r/unixporn](http://www.reddit.com/r/unixporn)
   ## Lightning talks
   ### David Brownlee: "Pretty tabular data without much effort"
   * jQuery
   * [example](http://www.netbsd.org/~wiz/perl.html)
   * see also <http://sync.absd.org/www>
   ### Youri Mouton: pkgsrc for new developers
   * used NetBSD and `pkgin` without knowing what pkgsrc was
   * saw `pkgin` supported on other OSes (e.g., Minix)
   * and OS X (a main OS he uses)
   * started manually making packages for `pkgin`, not realizing
   * _then_ understood it was pkgsrc being used to make packages
   * a few months doing bulk builds
   * there isn't a tutorial on how to start as a pkgsrc developer
   * submitted ports to pkgsrc-wip
   * people usually find MacPorts, Homebrew, Fink, and _then_ maybe `pkgin`
   * this is too bad, they ought to be finding us
   * Youri and Calum's project: <http://saveosx.org>
       * they're doing gpg-signed packages
   * people ask "where can I find documentation" and there isn't a great answer
   * writing clear, clean docs for new users and developers would be great
   * we all think jperkin's writeups and docs on this are terrific
       * can we have them?
   * tron: bootstrap experience for MacPorts may be nicer
       * schmonz: should be possible to build a Mac `.pkg` from bootstrap
   * abs: three target demographics:
       * use binary packages
       * build from source, use options, don't want to fix things
       * developers
   * this underscores the need for user-editable wiki
   * design patterns for pkgsrc: e.g., how to fetch from a certain git commit
   * hey, let's take some time as a group and merge `pkgsrc.org` into
   ### Jaap Boender: OCaml
   ### Matthias Scheler: world's best ISP
   ## Me: "pkgsrc design ideas"
 # Sunday  # Sunday
 [[!meta title="pkgsrcCon 2014: notes and scratchings"]]  [[!meta title="pkgsrcCon 2014: notes and scratchings"]]

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