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   [[!template id=note text="[[!toc levels=2]]"]]
   # Thursday
   ## Drinks: Doric Arch
   * `jaapb`
   * `alnsn`
   * another fellow named Alex
   * `gavan`
   # Friday
   ## Dinner: Edinboro Castle
   * `jaapb`
   * `mlelstv`
   * `spz`
   * `prlw1`
   * `wiedi`
   * `sborrill`
 # Saturday  # Saturday
 ## Benny Siegert: "Bulktracker"  * Calum
   * Youri
   * `abs`
   * `justin`
   * `jaapb`
   * `alnsn`
   * Sevan
   * `bsiegert`
   * `mlelstv`
   * `tron`
   * `spz`
   * `prlw1`
   * `wiedi`
   * Daniel
   * `sborrill`
   * `morr`
   ## Benny Siegert: "BulkTracker"
 * [Bulktracker](http://bulktracker.appspot.com) is WIP to parse  * [BulkTracker](http://bulktracker.appspot.com) is WIP to parse
   `pkgsrc-bulk` reports and present them in an organized way    `pkgsrc-bulk` reports and present them in an organized way
 * Uses lots of trendy stuff:  * Uses lots of trendy stuff:
     * Google App Engine      * Google App Engine
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     * side comment: pkgsrc is missing some trendy stuff      * side comment: pkgsrc is missing some trendy stuff
 * [Source code](http://github.com/bsiegert/bulktracker)  * [Source code](http://github.com/bsiegert/bulktracker)
   ### Side discussion with Youri and Calum
   * how can we induce people to choose pkgsrc over Homebrew?
       * most people are looking for an OS-specific package manager
       * they don't realize they should look for cross-platform
       * I've learned that I should
       * we need to attract OS X users on their own terms
           * what if we managed /Applications, from source or not?
       * likewise for other platforms
       * what if we branded pkgsrc differently for each platform?
       * also concentrate on binary package experience
       * `pkgin` is a real nice user experience
   * how are people finding their OS X binary packages?
       * screenshots they post on [/r/unixporn](http://www.reddit.com/r/unixporn)
   ## Lightning talks
   ### David Brownlee: "Pretty tabular data without much effort"
   * jQuery
   * [example](http://www.netbsd.org/~wiz/perl.html)
   * see also <http://sync.absd.org/www>
   ### Youri Mouton: pkgsrc for new developers
   * used NetBSD and `pkgin` without knowing what pkgsrc was
   * saw `pkgin` supported on other OSes (e.g., Minix)
   * and OS X (a main OS he uses)
   * started manually making packages for `pkgin`, not realizing
   * _then_ understood it was pkgsrc being used to make packages
   * a few months doing bulk builds
   * there isn't a tutorial on how to start as a pkgsrc developer
   * submitted ports to pkgsrc-wip
   * people usually find MacPorts, Homebrew, Fink, and _then_ maybe `pkgin`
   * this is too bad, they ought to be finding us
   * Youri and Calum's project: <http://saveosx.org>
       * they're doing gpg-signed packages
   * people ask "where can I find documentation" and there isn't a great answer
   * writing clear, clean docs for new users and developers would be great
   * we all think jperkin's writeups and docs on this are terrific
       * can we have them?
   * tron: bootstrap experience for MacPorts may be nicer
       * schmonz: should be possible to build a Mac `.pkg` from bootstrap
   * abs: three target demographics:
       * use binary packages
       * build from source, use options, don't want to fix things
       * developers
   * this underscores the need for user-editable wiki
   * design patterns for pkgsrc: e.g., how to fetch from a certain git commit
   * hey, let's take some time as a group and merge `pkgsrc.org` into
   ### Jaap Boender: OCaml packages
   * OCaml has a build system akin to Haskell's "cabal"
   * would like to factor it out, not sure how best to do that
   * (I was busy prepping a talk)
   ### Justin Cormack: cross-compiling
   * with `qemu`, non-native binaries can run from `./configure` and the like
   * syscall emulation
   * (I'm still prepping a talk)
   ### Sevan Janiyan: Mac OS X `powerpc`
   * GCC>4.4 doesn't build with XCode
   * he's managed to get up to 4.7 now
   * next thing GCC 4.8 and then he'll be able to build stuff
   * (I'm still prepping)
   ### Matthias Scheler: world's best ISP
   * XKCD 806
   * (still prepping)
   ### Sebastian Wiedenroth: merging trivial fixes
   * (still prepping)
   ### S.P. Zeidler: packaging for TNF servers
   * to be installed on TNF servers, it must be in pkgsrc
   * if it might ever run as root, it must be built on certain protected systems
   * `pkg_chk_(8)` for seeing what needs to be built
   * packages are built in `pkg_comp(8)` with sets matching arch and NetBSD version
   * then they're transferred to the destination systems and `pkg_add(8)`ed
   * vulnerabilities detected with `pkg_admin audit`
   * (missed some details)
   ### Stephen Borrill: building products with NetBSD and pkgsrc
   * based on 2007 EuroBSDCon presentation
   * thin clients
   ## Amitai Schlair: "pkgsrc design goals"
   * blah blah blah
   * slides forthcoming
   ## Dinner: Gourmet Garden
   * `jperkin`
   * Calum
   * Youri
   * `abs`
   * `justin`
   * `jaapb`
   * `alnsn`
   * Sevan
   * `bsiegert` and wife and cute kid
   * `mlelstv`
   * `tron`
   * `spz`
   * `prlw1`
   * `wiedi`
   * Daniel
   * `sborrill`
   * `morr`
 # Sunday  # Sunday
   ## Hackathon
   ### Ideas
   #### Integrate `joerg`'s C wrappers
   7. `hg clone ssh://ftp.netbsd.org/~joerg/cwrapper`
   7. Figure out how to get pkgsrc to use them
   7. Commit on a branch
   7. Do one bulk build on `HEAD` and one on your branch
   7. Let's see how it went
   #### Fix `pkgtools/pkg_regress` tests
   7. The one that was still passing, do we believe that? Can we make it break?
   7. The ones that are failing, can we understand them and make them pass?
   7. Let's think of something else worth testing and write a new test for it
   7. Do we feel good about adding more such tests and encouraging
      everyone to do so? If not, what do we need to improve before we
      do that?
 [[!meta title="pkgsrcCon 2014: notes and scratchings"]]  [[!meta title="pkgsrcCon 2014: notes and scratchings"]]

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