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 ### Ideas  ### Ideas
 #### Merge `pkgsrc.org` into `wiki.netbsd.org/pkgsrc/`  
 7. `cvs checkout wiki.netbsd.org:/home/pkgwiki/pkgsrc-wiki.cvs`  
 7. `cvs checkout wiki.netbsd.org:/cvsroot`  
 7. (./) Enable ikiwiki's localstyle plugin  
 7. (./) Copy pkgsrc-wiki's `local.css` into `wikisrc/pkgsrc`  
 7. (./) Catch up our custom `page.tmpl` to the basewiki's so localstyle works  
 7. Figure out how to apply the `pkgsrc.org` logo and header-links  
    template to everything under `wikisrc/pkgsrc/`  
     * We can wrap a _single_ page in a custom template [like  
     * We can modify templates for entire subtrees, but only [outside  
     * Can we do it with CSS?  
 7. Where do we put the pages that are currently under `pkgsrc/`?  
 7. Repo-copy content from pkgsrc-wiki to `wikisrc/pkgsrc/`)  
 7. Preview at <http://wiki.netbsd.org/pkgsrc/>  
 7. Add links to the pages that had already been under `pkgsrc/`  
 7. Move `pkgwiki`'s `cron` jobs to `wiki`'s  
 7. Point `{www.,}pkgsrc.org` at that HTML directory  
 7. Figure out how to leave the "Edit" links off the top-level  
    `wikisrc/pkgsrc/` page and maybe some others, so that non-developers  
    won't be able to edit them  
 #### Merge `blog.netbsd.org` into `wiki.netbsd.org/blog/` (or so)  
 7. What was the original goal of powering the blog with Roller?  
     * To have a blog, and  
     * To counter the misconception that NetBSD doesn't run Java  
       well (or at all)...  
     * By demonstrating that NetBSD runs Java (and well)  
 7. How well have we met that goal?  
     * It's hardly obvious to passersby that the blog is Java-powered  
     * It's somewhat annoying to admin (and few of us know how)  
 7. Could we get more of the intended marketing benefit for less admin cost?  
     * Document loudly (e.g., on the wiki) how NetBSD supports Java  
     * Publish the blog with a CMS we already happily admin and use (ikiwiki)  
 7. Would anyone feel strongly opposed to the change?  
     * Not that we can think of (but we'll find out)  
 7. Would anyone be particularly happy about the change?  
     * Yes, some members of `admins` and `www`  
 7. What functionality is important to preserve when migrating?  
     * Data: articles and comments (stored as HTML in database)  
     * Metadata: dates, ordering, relation of comments to posts  
     * Feeds: feed URLs, UUIDs  
     * Media: include images in posts  
     * Commentspam: lock post after N months, no URLs, easy manual delete  
 7. What admin-facing functionality would change?  
     * Accounts: Kerberos suffices, no more blog-specific accounts  
 7. What do admins need to feel more comfortable with more ikiwiki?  
     * More documentation and training  
 #### Integrate `joerg`'s C wrappers  #### Integrate `joerg`'s C wrappers
 7. `hg clone ssh://ftp.netbsd.org/~joerg/cwrapper`  7. `hg clone ssh://ftp.netbsd.org/~joerg/cwrapper`
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 7. Do one bulk build on `HEAD` and one on your branch  7. Do one bulk build on `HEAD` and one on your branch
 7. Let's see how it went  7. Let's see how it went
 #### `[schmonz]` Merge hard-coded pkgsrcCon 2013 site into `wiki.netbsd.org`  
 7. Get a local copy of everything  
 7. Fix up template  
 7. Get previous sites to not break (maybe not editable)  
 7. Commit to `pkgwiki`  
 #### Document "how to host a pkgsrcCon"  
 * A room for 20-30 people  
 * Coffee  
 * Projector  
 * WiFi and perhaps wired networking  
 * Travel instructions  
 * Nearby hotels  
 * Dinner and pub locations for the Friday and Saturday  
 * Post the talk schedule  
 * Publicize the conference every so often -- to which lists, sites, etc.?  
 #### Fix `pkgtools/pkg_regress` tests  #### Fix `pkgtools/pkg_regress` tests
 7. The one that was still passing, do we believe that? Can we make it break?  7. The one that was still passing, do we believe that? Can we make it break?
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    everyone to do so? If not, what do we need to improve before we     everyone to do so? If not, what do we need to improve before we
    do that?     do that?
 #### Write an initial pkgsrc "product backlog"  
 7. Starting with the work we need to do to make it easier to develop  
    pkgsrc internals  
 7. Further down, the developer features we want pkgsrc to have  
 7. Further down, the user features we want pkgsrc to have  
 #### Debug why just-in-time `su` sometimes doesn't  
 7. It seems to be working just about all the time for nearly everyone  
 7. It doesn't work for `schmonz` in this case:  
     * `mail/qmail` (which is not `user-destdir`, only `destdir`)  
     * on Mac OS X 10.9.3 (haven't tried other systems)  
     * `make package`  
 7. It does work for `schmonz` in this similar-looking case:  
     * `mail/relay-ctrl` (also only `destdir`)  
     * on Mac OS X 10.9.3  
     * `make package`  
 [[!meta title="pkgsrcCon 2014: notes and scratchings"]]  [[!meta title="pkgsrcCon 2014: notes and scratchings"]]

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