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1.24      schmonz     1: [[schmonz_73x73.jpg]]
1.23      schmonz     2: 
1.26      schmonz     3: I attended, and took some quick notes during, [[pkgsrccon2014]].
1.25      schmonz     4: 
1.18      wiki        5: If you've got an idea about how this wiki ought to work, edit the
                      6: [[wiki/todo]] list! Here's what's been [[wiki/todo/done]] so far.
1.28    ! wiki        7: 
        !             8: This line was added by `schmonz` logged in with an OpenID, even though we intended and expected page edits to be allowed only for httpauth'd users. `schmonz` had to go somewhere that allowed non-HTTP logins (e.g., "add a comment") first, then come back here, et voilĂ .

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