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 [[!img schmonz_73x73.jpg size="73x73" alt="schmonz's face" align=left]]  [[schmonz_73x73.jpg]]
 If you've got an idea about how this wiki ought to work, edit the  [[!format makefile """
 [[wiki/todo]] list! Here's what's been [[wiki/todo/done]] so far.  default: all
 Pretty soon I'll have lots more time for wikistuff.  all: none
   none: default
   ## This site
   You can mostly point a finger at me for how `wiki.netbsd.org` works (or sometimes doesn't).
   If you've got an idea about how it ought to, edit the [[wiki/todo]] list!
   Here's what's been [[wiki/todo/done]] so far.
   name="schmonz.com (pkgsrc)"
   tag="schmonz pkgsrc"
   name="schmonz.com (qmail)"
   tag="schmonz qmail"
   ## pkgsrc talks
   ([[quick notes from pkgsrcCon 2014|pkgsrccon2014]])
   ## qmail-run from pkgsrc
   Start with my
   [overview of qmail patches and packages](https://schmonz.com/qmail/),
   ## schmonz.com blog posts

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