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# NetBSD v.s. ISAs

The platform supported by gcc-4.8.0 and other non-FSF branches.

[[!table data="""
Architecture	|Description			|NetBSD support
aarch64		|64bit ARM			|
alpha		|DEC Alpha			|Y
arm		|32bit ARM			|Y
avr		|Atmel AVR (8bit)		|
avr32		|Atmel AVR32			|Y(not merged yet)
bfin		|Analog Devices Blackfin	|
c6x		|TI TMS320C6x   		|
cr16		|National Semiconductor CR16	|
cris		|Axis ETRAX CRIS	       	|
epiphany	|Adapteva Epiphany		|
eSi-RISC	|EnSilica eSi-RISC		|
fr30		|Fujitsu FR30			|
frv		|Fujitsu FR-V			|
h8300		|Hitachi/Renesas H8/300		|
i386		|Intel 32bit			|Y
ia64		|Intel Itanium			|Y
iq2000		|Vitesse IQ2000			|
lm32		|LatticeMico32			|Y(not merged yet)
m32c		|Mitsubishi/Renesas M32C	|
m32r		|Mitsubishi/Renesas M32R	|
m68k		|Motorola 68000	   		|Y
m88k		|Motorola 88000	   		|
mcore		|Motorola M-CORE		|
mep		|Toshiba Media Processor	|
microblaze	|Xilinx MicroBlaze		|
mips32		|MIPS 32bit			|Y
mips64		|MIPS 64bit			|Y
mmix		|Donald Knuth's MMIX		|
mn10300		|Matsushita MN10300		|
moxie		|Moxie's architecture		|
nios2		|Altera Nios II			|Y(private)
OpenRISC	|OpenCores OpenRISC		|
pa		|HP PA-RISC			|Y(32bit)
pdp10		|DEC PDP-10			|
pdp11		|DEC PDP-11			|
picochip	|Picochip/Mindspeed Picochip	|
Propeller	|Parallax Propeller 		|
Hexagon		|Qualcomm Hexagon		|
rl78		|NEC/Renesas RL78		|
rs6000		|PowerPC			|Y(BE only)
rx		|Renesas RX			|
s390		|IBM S/390			|
score		|Sunplus S+CORE			|
sh		|Hitachi/Renesas SuperH		|Y
sparc		|SUN SPARC (32 bit)		|Y
sparc64		|SUN/Oracle SPARC64		|Y
spu		|CELL SPU   			|
stormy16	|Sanyo Stormy16			|
tilegx		|Tilera TILE-Gx			|Y(private)
tilepro		|Tilera TILEPro			|
TriCore		|Infineon TriCore		|
v850		|NEC V850 			|
vax		|DEC VAX			|Y
x86_64		|AMD/Intel 64bit		|Y
xtensa		|Tensilica Xtensa		|

## Appendix
* [qemu's ISA manual link page](
* [IBM ESA/390 architecture manual](

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