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## How to update www/firefox, mail/thunderbord, devel/xulrunner, devel/nspr, devel/nss, and www/seamonkey and their l10n package.

1) Update devel/nspr with firefox's source.
// The source tar ball of nspr is provided. Which is better?
// Patches are prepared in xulrunner's patches directory.

2) Update devel/nss with firefox's source.
// nss's tar ball is not provided. It must be extracted from firefox's
   source tar ball.
// Patches are prepared in xulrunner's patches directory.

3) Update devel/xulrunner with firefox's source.

4) Update www/firefox

5) Re-install all above packages with latest patches in xulrunner.

6) Apply xulrunner's patches to www/thunderbird and www/seamonkey's mozilla directory.
   And add thunderbird or seamonkey specific patches to its own patches directory.

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