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 See: [http://www.netbsd.org/ports/emips/NetBsd_excerpt.htm](http://www.netbsd.org/ports/emips/NetBsd_excerpt.htm)  See: [http://www.netbsd.org/ports/emips/NetBsd_excerpt.htm](http://www.netbsd.org/ports/emips/NetBsd_excerpt.htm)
   [Japanese version](http://ryo-on.users.sourceforge.net/distrib/20110205-NetBSD-emips-on-giano.txt)
 ## Requirements  ## Requirements
 * Microsoft Windows XP SP3 Home (32 bit) (for example)  * Microsoft Windows XP SP3 Home (32 bit) (for example)
 * some hard drive space  * some hard drive space
Line 67  Name of the target disk image is *emips3 Line 69  Name of the target disk image is *emips3
 ### Setting up PuTTY  ### Setting up PuTTY
 Select *Connection Type* as *Serial*.  Select *Connection Type* as *Serial*.
 Input *Serial line* to *\\.\pipe\usart0*  Input *Serial line* to *\\\\.\pipe\usart0*
 Save this setting to "Saved Sessions".  Save this setting to "Saved Sessions".
Line 81  If so, please set "c:\Program Files\Micr Line 83  If so, please set "c:\Program Files\Micr
 ### Start PuTTY  ### Start PuTTY
 Start PuTTY and connect to **\\.\pipe\usart0**.  Start PuTTY and connect to **\\\\.\pipe\usart0**.
 And click *Retry* in the dialog box.  And click *Retry* in the dialog box.
Line 124  It seems that RTC_OFFSET in kernel confi Line 126  It seems that RTC_OFFSET in kernel confi
 RTC is not accurate.  RTC is not accurate.
 ## homework  ## homework
 * This document does not contains instruction about acceleration.  * This document does not contain instruction about acceleration.

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