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[DIR] how_to_install_netbsd_amd64_to_macbook_air_11_inch/        
[TXT] how_to_install_netbsd_emips_current_to_microsoft_giano.mdwn 1.9 3 years cnst find wikisrc -name '*.mdwn' | xargs perl -pi'' -e's#\[(http[^]]*)]\(\1\)#<\1>#g'...
[TXT] how_to_update_www_firefox.mdwn 1.11 6 years ryoon Make command invocation as block
[TXT] how_to_install_netbsd_amd64_to_macbook_air_11_inch.mdwn 1.14 8 years ryoon Fix typo
[TXT] updating_openjdk7.mdwn 1.4 9 years ryoon Fix commands. and style
[TXT] sourcecode_based_installation_package_management_systems.mdwn 1.4 9 years ryoon Add DPorts
[TXT] netbsd_vs_isas.mdwn 1.13 9 years ryoon Add ISA manual links.
[TXT] pbulk_non-netbsd.mdwn 1.3 10 years wiz Update references to mksandbox.

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