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Fix template usage.


You can visit my personal site at <> which contains more projects not directly related to NetBSD.


* Add DHCPv6 suppport to [[!template id=man name=dhcpcd section=8]].
* Improve [[!template id=pkg name=dhcpcd-gtk category=net]] for a better user experience.
* Write a small DHCPv4 + DHCPv6 server.


* Merge <> into NetBSD, [[!template id=man name=dhcpcd section=8]].
* Merge <> into NetBSD, [[!template id=man name=resolvconf section=8]].
* Added [[!template id=man name=getdelim section=3]] and [[!template id=man name=getline section=3]] to libc.
* Implement a terminfo solution to replace [[!template id=man name=termcap section=5]].

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