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Mention that wsdv is a very rough prototype.

In June 2011 I've officialy joined the NetBSD Foundation. I'm mostly hacking on amiga and amigappc ports.

# My NetBSD projects

## Completed projects 

* [[bppcsc|]] - Phase5 BlizzardPPC 603e+ SCSI host adapter driver.
* PCI bus support for amiga(ppc) ports.
* [[p5pb|]] - Phase5 BlizzardVisionPPC/CbyerVisionPPC and DCE G-REX PCI bridge driver.
* [[efa|]] - ELBOX FastATA 1200 Mk-III/Mk-IV driver.
* [[cv3dpb|]] - Phase5 CyberVision 64/3D PCI bridge driver.
* [[clockport|]], [[a1k2cp|]], [[gencp|]] - Clockport support layer, A1200 on-board clockport backend driver, generic clockport driver.
* [[xsurf|]] - Reworked driver for the Individual Computer X-Surf ethernet card, featuring clockport support.
* [[empb|]] - ELBOX Mediator PCI 1200 bridge driver (with Frank Wille).
* [[tdvfb|]] - 3Dfx Voodoo2 framebuffer driver.

## Ongoing projects

* Migration of grf+ite console drivers to wscons (with Frank Wille).
* [[ClockNet|users/rkujawa/clocknet]]

## Planned projects

* Migration of amiga port from XFree to Xorg (with Frank Wille).
* Refactor zbus code, add new zbusctl utility (pcictl-like tool).
* Indivision ECS chunky mode driver.
* Extend the FastATA 1200 driver to support polling mode (also add FastATA 4000 support).
* Make amigappc more stable.
* Evaluate possibility of doing NetBSD port to ACube Sam4x0 boards.

# Documentation

* [[Reverse engineered G-REX documentation|users/rkujawa/g-rex]]

# Other software

* [[wsdv|]] - simple picture viewer for wsdisplay (very rought prototype).

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