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1.1       riz         1: # Snapshot for testing
                      3: nyftp is down at the moment (the cause is being investigated), so I have
                      4: built a testing snapshot of NetBSD-current which can be retrieved here:
1.3       wiki        6: [[NetBSD-current Hackathon Test Snapshot|]]
1.1       riz         7: 
1.5     ! wiki        8: This is NetBSD 5.99.64 as of  2012-02-10 17:00Z, plus some yet-uncommitted changes to sysinst.  i386 and amd64 architectures have been uploaded.
1.3       wiki        9: Specific things to test:
                     11: * [[the i386 installation images intended for USB sticks|]]
1.4       wiki       12: * [[the amd64 installation images intended for USB sticks|]]
1.3       wiki       13: * General installation.  Please give specific feedback on the [[post-install configuration menu|]], as that has not been committed.
                     14: * Once installed, please use and note problems.  Check if there is an existing [[PR|]] on the problem you're seeing.
                     16: Please discuss on freenode #netbsd-code and give me feedback there (irc nick \_riz\_) or in email (

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