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 # Iain Hibbert <plunky@netbsd.org>  ## [Iain Hibbert](mailto:plunky@netbsd.org)
   The follwing list is a test of the [[man]] template:
   * [[!template id=man name="btconfig"]]
   * [[!template id=man name="btconfig" section="8"]]
   * [[!template id=man name="btconfig" section="8" arch="i386"]]
   * [[!template id=man name="btconfig" section="8" arch="i386" collection="NetBSD-5.0"]]
   * [[!template id=man name="magma" section="4"]]
   * [[!template id=man name="magma" section="4" arch="sparc"]]
   And the [[pkg]] template for linking to pkgsrc.se:
   * [[!template id=pkg name="nullmailer" category="mail"]]
   * [[!template id=pkg name="zyGrib" category="misc"]]
   and linking to problem reports using the [[pr]] template:
   * [[!template id=pr number=34735]]
   * [[!template id=pr number=39016]]
   * [[!template id=pr number=39371]]
   * [[!template id=pr number=40594]]

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