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Sun May 26 16:20:54 2013 UTC (4 years, 11 months ago) by mlelstv
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device naming

* Rationale

- Talk about device names used in /etc/fstab
- autoconf: device are named driver+unit, unit is just the next unused unit number
- static hardware has well-defined device names
- not-so static hardware often has distinction between different controllers and thus maybe different drivers
- partitions on device names are just private count (a,b,c,...) per device
- wedges are partitions that look like units for a single same driver
  - no distinction by controller / driver
  - no distinction by private counter

* Wedge names

- Wedges are a unified interface to partitions
- One wedge carries one filesystem
- Can have a name that defaults to a UUID
- Names can be looked up in userland
- util function getfsspecname()
- Patches for userland tools (mount,umount,swapctl,fsck,quotaon,quotacheck,edquota,dumpfs,tunefs,dump)
- Kernel interface still uses driver+unit.
- No reverse mapping, e.g. for df

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