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More 8.0 notes

Try to draft more verbose C11 note.
Note enhanced curses(3) compat with ncurses
Note libpanel(3) for compat with ncurses
Note versions of 3rd party software (doc/3RDPARTY source reused)

# NetBSD-8 release notes items #

Below list needs to be expanded about ARM, MPSAFE networking changes.  
Then expanded to be readable by an average technically inclined person.  
Then reordered for most cool things on top.

* PaX MPROTECT (W\^X) memory protection enforced by default on architectures with fine-grained memory protection
* PaX ASLR in some archs, MKPIE default for userland  
XXX list of archs
* SSP/FORTIFY default for userland and packages.  
XXX is SSP / MKPIE new to userland?
* In-kernel audio mixer
* Real-Time Signals
* Synchronize Machine Independent features in ptrace(2) with Linux and FreeBSD
* Improved C11 feature completeness (added missing headers, implemented functions)
* ext4 enhanced read-only support
* nc(1) imported from OpenBSD
* sys_info a new script to return version information for system libraries and utilities
* added intrctl(8) interrupt distribution control utility.
* added can(4) socketcan implementation, a socket layer for CAN busses
* removed MKCRYPTO option and always include cryptography
* dc(1) import from OpenBSD (and replace the GNU version)
* Endian-Independent disklabel support DISKLABEL_EI
* pthread_dbg(3) removed from the base distribution
* improved compatiblity of NetBSD curses(3) with ncurses
* added libpanel(3) compatible with ncurses libpanel


* USB system rework. added USB3 support.

The following networking components and drivers have been made MPSAFE:  
XXX long list, TODO.smpnet is a start

* Reproducible build (link to blog)
* Dynamic tracing (DTrace) for kernel code (link to guide/intro)

amd64, i386:

* Meltdown fixes
* amd64 kernel W\^X
* EFI bootloader
* added i386 GENERIC_PAE kernel that supports >4GB systems
* Debug Registers for debuggers


* kernel modules support


* awin, FDT  
XXX elaborate


* merge sbmips into evbmips


* TC-USB, TurboChannel USB support for ...
* mntva, driver for mntmn's VA2000 amiga graphics card

* bta2dpd - new Bluetooth Advanced Audio Distribution Profile daemon
* iwm(4), a driver for Intel Wireless devices (AC7260, AC7265, AC3160...)
* nvme(4), a driver for NVMe hardware, ported from OpenBSD
* nouveau, an open source driver for modern nVidia graphics, ported from linux, available by default.
   (this is at the bottom because we mentioned it in 7.1 too)

Third party software:

* GCC 5.4 with Address Sanitizer and Undefined Behavior Sanitizer
* GDB 7.12
* GNU binutils 2.27
* Clang/LLVM 4.0
* OpenSSH 7.6
* OpenSSL 1.0.2k
* mdocml 1.14.1
* acpica 20170303
* ntp 4.2.8p10
* dhcpcd 7.0.0
* Lua 5.3.4

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