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1.1       wiki        1: ## igs
                      3: A basic driver for IGS CyberPro 2010 graphics controllers. Currently it only supports the VLB variant found in Rev. 5 [[shark]]s, adding support for PCI variants is trivial though and will be done if I ever get my hands on a [[netwinder]] or something similar. The driver supports basic acceleration via [[EXA]] ( screen-to-screen blits, rectangle fills and off-screen memory ), it relies on [[igsfb]] for mode setting and hardware cursor support.
1.2       wiki        4: 
                      5: BUGS
                      6: The driver needs
1.3     ! wiki        7: 
1.2       wiki        8:     Option "MigrationHeuristic" "greedy"
1.3     ! wiki        9: 
1.2       wiki       10: otherwise some anti-aliased text won't show up. No idea why, since the hardware has no support for alpha-blending the driver makes no attempt to accelerate any of it.

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