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1.1     ! wiki        1: ##Fujitsu AG-10e
        !             2: 
        !             3: This is Frankenstein's monster of graphics cards. It's a double-wide, double-decked [[SBus]] device with three different graphics chips - each with its own memory, a high end RAMDAC and a DSP.<br>
        !             4: There is:
        !             5: 
        !             6: * a GLint 300SX with 2x 6MB framebuffer ( that's what the firmware says, the chip itself claims to have 16MB framebuffer ) and 16MB 'local buffer' - whatever that is, 3D Labs claims they can't find any docs but I doubt they even checked. This chip provides a 24bit true colour visual.
        !             7: * an Imagine I128 with 4MB RAM, this chip provides an 8 bit visual.
        !             8: * a Weitek P9100 with 2MB framebuffer, this chip provides WIDs
        !             9: * an IBM RGB561 RAMDAC which supports a truckload of features and WID control over pretty much everything
        !            10: * an Analog Devices DSP with its own memory, we have no clue what it's being used for
        !            11: 
        !            12: Evidently there is some sort of SBus-to-PCI bridge on the card, from the graphics chip listed above only the P9100 is known to exist as an [[SBus]] variant, and even that was probably an in-house hack done by Tadpole.
        !            13: We have a kernel driver for it ( [[agten]] at [[sbus]] ) which uses the I128 to provide an accelerated console and switches to the GLint's 24bit visual when X runs. The [[xf86-video-ag10e]] driver is mostly glue code to map framebuffer and registers via /dev/fb*, run the [[xf86-video-glint]] driver's 300SX support and deal with the different DAC.

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