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1.2       wiki        1: ## TODO:
1.3     ! wiki        2: * figure out why anti-aliased font rendering with [[XAA]] in [[Xorg]] 1.6 is ridiculously slow compared to 1.4<br>
        !             3: Actually there is some progress. The miGlyphs() function uses a scratch pixmap to render characters into which it then renders into the target pixmap. Since off-screen pixmaps in XAA are currently broken and the Xorg people refuse to fix it the scratch pixmap will be in RAM with all XAA drivers resulting in software rendering. I got around that by implementing a private Glyphs() method for the [[crime]] driver which gives a nice speedup but still gets us nowhere near the performance we had with Xorg 1.4. A private Glyphs() implementation for XAA which avoids the scratch pixmap resulted in a small but measurable speedup with the sunffb driver.
1.2       wiki        4: * unbork [[wscons]] on [[sparc]] in the 5.0 branch
1.3     ! wiki        5: * write a [[wsdisplay]] driver for the Permedia2 graphics controller used on Sun's [[PGX32]] graphics board<br>
        !             6: I have the docs and the hardware, only need some spare time
        !             7: * add acceleration to Xorg's [[sunleo]] driver<br>
        !             8: I have some docs and hardware but the docs are incomplete - the way WIDs are encoded is missing and I can't find one that by default gives us a 24bit RGB or BGR display.
        !             9: * make [[radeonfb]] work right on [[i386]]<br>
        !            10: It works but for some reason X is crashing. This works fine on [[sparc64]] and [[macppc]], it also works with [[i386]] and [[vga]], no idea what's wrong here.
        !            11: * implement mode setting for [[voodoofb]], [[voyagerfb]], [[r128fb]], [[chipsfb]] etc.
        !            12: * figure out how to do composite ops on [Fujitsu]('s [[AG-10e]] graphics board
        !            13: * write an Xorg driver for [IGS]( [[CyberPro]] graphics chips used in [[shark]], [[netwinder]] and other machines
        !            14: * figure out how to use the [[SX]] rendering engine on Sun [[SparcStation 20]] mainboards<br>
        !            15: I have a disassembler dump of Sun's own DDX, it shouldn't be all that difficult to do basic blitter operations. The [[SX]] itself could probably accelerate composite ops as well but there's no chance to do that without actual documentation.
        !            16: 

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