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1.1     ! wiki        1: [[!comment format=mdwn
        !             2:  username=""
        !             3:  nickname="Chris"
        !             4:  subject="more info for us newbies"
        !             5:  date="2013-07-07T21:22:29Z"
        !             6:  content="""
        !             7: How do you ping your mpls0 interface?  I would like to write up the documentation on this but I have to get it working for myself before any thing else.  I would like to show how you can use vrf to do some neat things with vrf like what we do at my work. My shop uses Cisco Routers but I can see NetBSD using MPLS could do the same thing at a far lower cost. Thank-you
        !             8: """]]

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