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This page lists various [coccinelle]( scripts used for NetBSD:

* [*aprint_\*()* to *aprint_\*_dev()* possible replacements]( Note that the script uses virtual identifiers, so pass the appropriate functions as argument to **spatch**. For example:

[[!template  id=programlisting text="""
# This will show possible aprint_debug to aprint_debug_dev replacements
$ spatch -sp_file aprint2aprint_dev.cocci -D aprint=aprint_debug -D aprint_dev=aprint_debug_dev -dir /path_to_directory/
# This will show possible aprint_normal to aprint_normal_dev replacements
$ spatch -sp_file aprint2aprint_dev.cocci -D aprint=aprint_normal -D aprint_dev=aprint_normal_dev -dir /path_to_directory/

... and so forth.

* [use __arraycount() where possible](

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