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1.1       wiki        1: Welcome on jym's wiki page, with hopefully up-to-date info on my work within NetBSD. At least, more up-to-date than [my personal homepage](
1.6     ! wiki        3: This current page acts as a personnal sandbox, so please be patient. Delightful and interesting information about [port-xen]( "port-xen") or [Xen's howto]( are incoming. Presently, you can see the latest [[PAE and Xen balloon benchmarks|benchmarks]].
1.1       wiki        4: 
                      5: Currently working on:
                      7: * Xen save/migrate/restore (works, now tracking a few glitches during resume)
                      8: * Intel/AMD PowerNow/Speedstep functions inside dom0
1.2       wiki        9: 
1.3       wiki       10: Wiki consideration: bring ikiwiki [[templates]] and content formatting close to what we currently render through Docbook for [NetBSD Documentation]( See [[users/jym/tryouts]].

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