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Line 10  This describes how to install NetBSD to  Line 10  This describes how to install NetBSD to 
 - [netbsdkobo 2013/03]( http://rappappararin.blogspot.jp/2013/03/netbsdkobo.html)  - [netbsdkobo 2013/03]( http://rappappararin.blogspot.jp/2013/03/netbsdkobo.html)
 - [kobonetbsd 2012/09](http://rappappararin.blogspot.jp/2012/09/kobonetbsd.html)  - [kobonetbsd 2012/09](http://rappappararin.blogspot.jp/2012/09/kobonetbsd.html)
 - [How to konnect serial](http://petit-noise.net/blog/20120802/kobo-touch-にusbシリアルを繋げる)  - [How to konnect serial](http://petit-noise.net/blog/20120802/kobo-touch-にusbシリアルを繋げる)
   - [Boot message -AsiaBSDCon2013 version](http://www.soum.co.jp/~jun/KOBO.PDF)
 # Make uboot image  # Make uboot image
 ## Download Uboot image  ## Download Uboot image
Line 24  This describes how to install NetBSD to  Line 24  This describes how to install NetBSD to 
 - copy KOBO kernel into MSDOS partition  - copy KOBO kernel into MSDOS partition
 # Boot  # Boot
       ==== type veeery fast!! or saveenv
     mmcinfo 1      mmcinfo 1
     fatload mmc 1 0x70800000 netbsd.bin      fatload mmc 1 0x70800000 netbsd.bin
     go 0x70800000      go 0x70800000
   # uBoot default setting
       setenv bootcmd_netbsd 'mmcinfo 1;fatload mmc 1 0x70100000 netbsd.bin; go 0x70100000'
       setenv bootcmd 'run bootcmd_netbsd'         
       switch on and load netbsd.bin     
   # USB Hub
       same as WZero3 WS003/4SH.
       use hub such as USB-HUB250W (SANWA SUPPLY)

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