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 Behold!  For now I have a wiki page!  Behold!  For now I have a wiki page!
   ## Blame for:
   * [[!template id=man name="raid" section="4"]] parity maps.
   * The Xen block device backend in all its trampolined glory.
   * Also, the Xen clock.
   * The sparse kernel core dumps on i386.
   * Assorted minor fixes.
   * Probably stuff I'm forgetting.
   ## TODO:
   * **Fix [[!template id=man name="raidctl" section="8"]] `-m` output for RAID-0 sets.**
   * Re-re-re-re-dust-off the [[!template id=man name="raid" section="4"]] raid nested-autoconfigure thing and likewise.
    * Trying to defer RAID sets until all the components show up is actually a bad idea.
    * There's an order-of-configure field that could be automagically set, but that can be later.
    * I probably also need to figure out wedge autodetection, but that can be later.
   * [[!template id=man name="tail" section="1"]] -r doesn't work on large files.  FreeBSD seemed to have an acceptable fix when last I looked.  (FIXME: send-pr this if it isn't already.)
   * The curses bugs (FIXME: link the PRs) I ran across.
    * I also had some disagreements with the keypad handling which might or might not be ruled an all-the-world-is-not-ncurses issue.
   * [[!template id=man name="xentimed" section="8"]], which doesn't exist yet but should. 
   * [[!template id=man name="xbd" section="4"]] is still lacking a dump routine, I think? 
    * Also a man page, last I saw.
    * Anyway, at one point I'd more or less figured this out, and I don't think that part of the interface has changed much.
   * Speaking of which, if I went completely insane I could try to port libsa to Xen.
    * Which actually isn't that insane, given that PV-GRUB exists.
    * And speaking of *that*, I should probably write a “NetBSD on Linode et al.” howto that isn't insane.

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