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Line 13  I'm currently trying to migrate the NetB Line 13  I'm currently trying to migrate the NetB
 files are these ones:  files are these ones:
  * chap-exinst   * chap-exinst
  * cons  
  * dns  
  * edit  
  * inst-media  
  * inst  
  * linux  
  * lvm  
  * mail  
  * net-intro  
  * net-practice   * net-practice
  * net-services  
  * pam  
  * print  
  * rmmedia  
 Already done:  Already done:
Line 37  Already done: Line 24  Already done:
  * carp   * carp
  * ccd   * ccd
  * cgd   * cgd
    * cons
    * dns
    * edit
  * index   * index
  * inetd   * inetd
  * intro   * intro
    * inst-media
  * fetch   * fetch
  * kernel   * kernel
    * linux
    * lvm
    * mail
  * misc   * misc
    * net-intro
    * net-services
    * pam
    * print
  * raidframe   * raidframe
    * rmmedia
  * rc   * rc
  * tuning   * tuning
  * updating   * updating
Line 55  I started working on it in `guide/`, tho Line 54  I started working on it in `guide/`, tho
 was to store it in `guide/netbsd`. However, whoever wants to change the  was to store it in `guide/netbsd`. However, whoever wants to change the
 directory can do so.  directory can do so.
   ## The new NetBSD guide
   The NetBSD guide, as well as its contents, is outdated. Of course there's 
   current documentation as well in it, but many parts of it are outdated.
   The question is: What is the future of the NetBSD guide?
   Should we continue having something ordered by *book chapters*? Or should we 
   make it completely unordered with many howtos inside a wiki, which is also 
   printable, but not in a useful order?
   In my opinion, we should continue having a set of articles where the basic 
   subsystems of NetBSD are explained, but in the wiki. It shouldn't be too 
   difficult to create a book from that if you want to.
   From all these subsystems, imho, the following topics should be covered:
   System basics:
    * Installation
    * Security (CGD, PGP, veriexec, PAM)
    * Disk handling (GPT, disklabel, MBR), creating filesystems, handling USB 
      flashdrives, automounting, CDs
    * RAIDs with raidframe
    * LVM
    * Audio setup
    * Keeping a NetBSD installation up-to-date
    * The rc system, as compared to systemd and SysV
    * Editing with vi
    * X setup, graphics drivers, console drivers
    * Backups with dump/restore and other options
    * Printing (with cups?)
    * Basic network setup
    * inetd setup
    * Bluetooth
    * DNS server setup and related issues
    * Firewalling (describing *all* or linking guide of others)
   Building NetBSD:
    * Building the system with `build.sh`
    * Configuring the kernel
    * Fetching sources, staying -current
   Using extra packages:
    * Emulating Linux
    * Using pkgsrc
    * Using binary packages, using pkgin
    * Installing a desktop environment
    * Things to remember (e.g., no mplayer)
 ## NetBSD flavoured  ## NetBSD flavoured
 Currently, NetBSD is a very generic operating system, leaving almost all  Currently, NetBSD is a very generic operating system, leaving almost all

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