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note progress on MCFG stuff.
note another unfinished project.

    1: # Jonathan Kollasch
    3: ## Unfinished Projects
    5: ### x86 UEFI kernel loader
    6: Building this for x64 UEFI requires the `ms_abi` function attribute introduced in GCC 4.4 or so.
    7: This project uses Intel UEFI headers and some existing FreeBSD work.
    8: Needs more work and cleanup, also toolchain updates.
    9: Work has been done using the OVMF BIOS images for Qemu.
   11: ### bcm47xx for evbmips
   12: Boots multiuser on NFS root, needs more work and cleanup.
   13: This project is on hold until there's a miniature userland that fits in 4-8MiB flash storage devices, on a flash-oriented file system.
   14: [[!template id=man name="bce" section="4"]] and [[!template id=man name="bwi" section="4"]] would need refactoring to be bus-independent.
   16: ### Conexant PCI DTV driver
   17: I have some code for 23880-3 and 887 host interfaces.
   18: This type of hardware is hard to find freely available docs for.
   19: Tuner/demod drivers from Linux could be ported, but would still be GPLed.
   20: Probably better to keep these drivers in userland.
   22: Should try to coordinate with what FreeBSD is doing: <>.
   24: ### Memory-mapped PCI config access on x86
   25: Needs cleanup, and maybe some more validation of MCFG tables.
   27: ### Toshiba ACPI LCD backlight driver
   28: Loosly based on [[!template id=man name="vald" section="4"]]. Currently attaches to `TOS1900`/`VALZ`, but doesn't interact with this device.
   29: This driver should really attach to `\_SB.PCI0.GFX0.LCD` or
   30: `\_SB.PCI0.PEGP.VGA.LCD`, which are the devices that get notified of
   31: brightness button pushes, and contain the `_BCL`, `_BCM`, and `_BQC`
   32: methods that access the brightness adjustment function.
   33: Such an attachment does not appear to be possible (or at the very least, easy)
   34: at present.
   36: ## Possible Projects
   37: ### AMD PowerNow/Cool'n'Quiet states loaded from ACPI tables

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